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Quality of Life Guide: Home Care Agency in Green Bay, WI

Home Care Agency - Comfort Keepers of Green Bay, WI discuss quality of life for seniors

At the smallest level, quality of life can be defined as the happiness, health, and comfort of an individual. While it may sound very simple in terms, it can be much more complicated than that when you start to factor in everything that can affect the quality of life someone experiences. Everyone will have an upward swing and a decline to their quality of life at one point or another. This is natural. There are moments in every day that affect the way we live. As you think about the quality of life someone else experiences, what comes to mind? Below, the Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency team will discuss how your loved one’s quality of life is affected.

Personal Life

Your loved one’s personal life is made up of smaller moments that are shared with other individuals in their life. These moments are experienced daily and these moments factor into our quality of life and they change us as we change as well.

Family Affairs

If a family wants to remain happy, they must function in a way that everyone’s needs are met. Every family member needs to have their needs handled in one way or another or it can cause tension and disagreements in the household. As a caretaker, you may find it difficult to meet the needs of your loved one day to day and in these cases, the Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency team can step in.

Tasks Required to Function

Activities of daily living or ADLs include the basic and most routine tasks that we perform every day. Some of these tasks include bathing, using the bathroom, dressing, eating, and getting into and out of chairs. We take these activities for granted, but for many seniors, they cannot perform these activities.

Companionship And Friendship

Everyone need someone they can talk to and spend time with, but often, seniors find themselves in a position where they experience loneliness and isolation. If these feelings are not addressed, then those feelings can grow in intensity and the individual may withdraw from society and they may stop taking care of themselves or their home. The team at Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency can help prevent this and spend time with your senior to ensure they never feel alone again.

Happy Right At Home

Many seniors, if given the option, would choose to age in place, so that they can remain in their home. Your loved one has made memories in his or her home and they do not want to give them up. Fortunately, they do not have to, especially with the proper home care agency services in place.

Our Mission – Better Quality Of Life

Comfort Keepers Home Care Agency is committed to helping families and seniors receive a better quality of life – the one they deserve. Our team provides in-home care, support services, and technology to make living at home and aging in place easier. 

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