Comfort Keepers In Home Care for Seniors Of Green Bay, WI, Offers Top-Quality Home Monitoring Systems

Comfort Keepers: In Home Care for Seniors monitoring systems can make independent living safer for seniors in Green Bay, WI

The Home monitoring systems we at Comfort Keepers in home care for seniors offer in Green Bay, WI, can make independent living safer and more comfortable for your loved one. We offer a wide range of home monitoring systems, which you can combine with our Personal Emergency Response Systems in order to ensure your loved one’s safety at home, regardless of their health or other factors. These systems are reliable and both seniors and their families can greatly benefit from using them.

Home monitoring systems include door and window sensors, bedside pressure mats and motion detectors, and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If you are not sure what the right choice is for your loved one, our experienced in home care for seniors staff can answer all your questions and help you chose the best solution.

Door and window sensors are programmed to signal the SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station when a door or window is opened. In case your loved one has Alzheimer’s or dementia, this device can prevent them from wandering, which is common among seniors with any form of dementia. When a door or window is opened, SafetyChoice in home care for seniors personnel will alert family members or caregivers, as well as anyone else who is on the responder list.

Bedside pressure mats are useful as they can be placed throughout the house, not just beside the bed. An alarm is triggered when pressure is applied, sending an emergency notification to the SafetyChoice station. Our infrared motion detectors have the same function. They can be installed without disturbing your or your loved one’s routine. Both systems can be turned off during the day.

Our home monitoring systems include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors too. The most important benefit of having this detector is that when carbon monoxide is present or in case of a fire in your loved one’s home, the SafetyChoice monitoring station will be alerted. They will send help and inform people present in the house about the situation, advising them to leave the residence immediately.

For more information, call Comfort Keepers in home care for seniors of Green Bay, WI, today. We are happy to offer assistance in choosing the best senior safety device for your senior mom or dad!

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